RBL Electrical Contractor

RBL Electrical Contractor
RBL Electrical Contractor

“Quality and reliability are not negotiable.”

With almost 25 years of experience in the electrical trade Robert B. Love is a dedicated professional obsessed with the needs of my customers with the understanding that RBL Electrical Contractor is being welcomed into the homes or businesses for the purpose of improving them and giving them the peace of mind that the quality of professional service that RBL Electrical Contractor delivers.

RBL Electrical Contractor’s expertise in the residential, commercial and industrial fields of the electric trade continue to provide premium service standards with minimal impact of my customers operations whether that would be retail, restaurant, medical, office space, warehouses, machinist’s shops, production and or service repair facilities i.e. garages:

-Installation of ceiling fans
-Installation of recessed lighting fixtures
-Installation of new lighting fixtures to the customer’s expectations
-Switches and Receptacle servicing and installation
-Electric Service changes and upgrades
-Heating and Air Conditioner wiring
-Efficient troubleshooting repairs of faults in their homes wiring
-Upgrading of wiring to accommodate today’s electronic necessities
-Removing or replacing existing light fixtures
-Bathroom ventilation fans
-Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide and warning systems
-Attic Fans and Lighting

Remodeling, additions and renovations of kitchens, bathrooms, sitting rooms, bedrooms, basements, dedicated purpose rooms, bars, man caves, woman caves etc.

-CATV, phone and Data wiring installations
-Fishing new wiring and lighting into existing walls
-Low voltage lighting and wiring
-Landscape Lighting
-Underground wiring and conduit repair with servicing
-Pools, Jacuzzis and spas
-Dimmers and power management systems
-Intercom and communication systems
-Boat Dock Wiring for lighting and lifts
-Sump Pump and water evacuation systems
-Septic Alarm Systems
-Baseboard heating devices
-Installation of new power into existing partitions
-Solutions to recurring electrical problems

Lighting servicing, installations and design:

-Site lighting- wall mounted, pole and ground mounted
-LED and CFL Lighting
-Accent building lighting
-Flagpole lighting and monument lighting
-Recessed lighting and Suspended office ceiling lighting
-Hi-Bay warehouse or large area interior building lighting
-As installed in a large warehouse store
-Low voltage landscape and Interior Lighting
-Controls and lighting management systems
-Dimmers, occupancy sensors, time clocks, relay controls, etc.
-New work wiring and construction by renovation or remodeling
-Conduit installation and multiple wiring methods
-Bus Duct
-Efficient Repairing existing circuit problems
-Underground conduit and wiring with service repair
-Ventilation and circulation fans
-Installation and wiring of specialized equipment
-Kitchen Equipment, industrial equipment (welders, lifts, etc.), lathes, presses, drilling apparatus, air compressors, Motor and relay control systems
-Heating and Air Conditioner wiring
-Baseboard heating devices
-3 phase electric power systems
-277/480 volt Equipment
-120/208 volt Equipment
-Delta Hi-Leg Systems
-Wye Systems
-Electric Panel installation and servicing
-Transformers wiring and servicing
-POS, phone, CATV, display monitors and Data wiring
-Septic and waste evacuation warning systems

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RBL Electrical Contractor

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